Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy Weekend Part C

These photos are from the Topeka Jayhawk Club's Annual football pep rally. It was the right end parenthesis to the crazy weekend of July 30/31st. And now I think I've finally recovered. Poor Lydia. She was wiped from the constant going, so she wasn't as excited to pose with the cheerleaders and dancers when we got there. She was happy to stand back and watch the show snuggled up with daddy.

NOW she's definitely in her element.
I wish I would have taken a photo of all the little girlies together in their cheer outfits.
They were adorable!

Lydia surprised everyone (no one more than herself) by going right
up to Baby Jay for a high five.

Then our eyes nearly fell out of our sockets when she
gave him (or is it a her?) a big hug.

Cade's turn.

She was happy sitting behind the squads cheering with Baby Jay.

Cade with Big Jay.
This year's Big Jay is. HUGE.
And of course Lydia wouldn't go anywhere NEAR him.
Self needs to take a look at this guy, fo sho!

I thought Lydia was going to lose it when Big Jay came and sat next to us.
He handed her an autographed program and she was in heaven.
She said, "Mommy! HE SIGNED IT!!!!"

All in all it was a good time. This was the first time they've had it indoors. It was about 110 degrees outside and about 85 inside, which is better than 110, but it was still pretty stifling. I think I like the ones that have been outside better, though. Spread us out a little bit.
Anyway, ROCK CHALK!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school

Cade went back to school yesterday.
Fifth grade. Can you believe it?
So much has happened since his first day of kindergarten.

First day of Fifth grade.

First day of kindergarten.
Someone should tell Mrs. Hillebert that the statue is shrinking.

These guys yesterday, +1.

These guys on the first day of first grade.
Funny how th
e hair and the glasses have switched bodies.

Lining up with his new teacher, Mrs. Wicker. And a bonus this year: 2 more boys!!! They just might have enough for a basketball team after all.

Thought this was a cool new tradition.
The eighth graders
made a canopy of knight's swords for the kids to walk under.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crazy Weekend Part Deux

Last weekend, my cousin Jessica got married and Cade and Lydia were part of the wedding party. Cade was a candle lighter and Lydia was one of the flower girls. They both had been looking forward to it for different reasons. Cade was psyched about getting to wear a tux and Lydia just wanted to party. And boy did they!
(Something weird is going on with blogger and the way photos upload. They don't look as sharp and in focus as they really are once they are uploaded on here. Sorry if they're hard to focus on. There's some convoluted way to change it to the way it really looks by manipulating html's from a url and OMG! it's just too much for me to wrap my pea brain around so you get these.)
*update: turns out it's not too hard to figure out, just a painstakingly long process to get the nicer photos up. So if you saw the before pics, you can better appreciate the afters. If not, you didn't miss anything. Except pictures that were a bit fuzzy.

I love this picture.

This was the other flower girl, C.
C wasn't so much interested in the wedding or pictures or anything really that wasn't her idea! Typical two year old behavior, really.

The girlies.
So pretty.

Awww...Jess and Lydia.
She LOVED this.

Jess and the candle lighters.

My nephew M was the ring bearer.
The cutest one EVER.

Watch the pin, Lady!

Clownin' around waiting for the show to begin.

What little girl doesn't love to spin around in a dress like this?
Lydia couldn't get enough of it.

So. Handsome.

It was a family affair, fo sho.
My little bro J, M's daddy, played the piano.

Minor mishap with one of the lighters, but they were pros and didn't even miss a step.

Well done!

I think the church as a whole squealed in delight when they saw these two come down the aisle.

You wouldn't know she didn't rehearse her job. She was great!

Here comes the bride!

Mr. and Mrs. J. and J. Jeffrey.
Think their kids' names will begin with a J, too?

Going out in style!

Whew! Let's get this monkey suit off!

Good job, kiddos!
Now the partying can begin!

The ladies man.

The wedding party getting down.

The moment Lydia was waiting for. ALL. DAY.

This is her getting the crowd to do the robot.

Is Lydia dancing like Jess or is Jess dancing like Lydia?
Shaking what I gave her.
'Ooooo-oooooh. See that girl? Watch that scene. She is the dancing queeeeeen.'

You would have thought the party was for Lydia with the way she was owning the dance floor.

'Apple bottom jeans
Boots with the fur
The whole club was looking at her
She hit the floor
Next thing you know
Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low'

Cupid Shuffle!
It wasn't pretty getting her off the dance floor at
the end of the night.
That girl has got some serious moves!