Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Lydia!!!

Can't believe our little girl is 3 today. Where does the time go...
Anyway, here is a look back at Lydia at 2 years old.
Happy Birthday, Lydia! We love you!

Lydia and her 'pit-tah-tah'.

Snuggling with 'brudder'.

Birthday morning surprise.

Snowball fight!

Charles Schulz moment.

Gymnastics with Coach Heef. (It's really Coach Heath.)

Building a snow fort with Cade and Daddy.


Cheering on Cade.

Being silly in Salina.

Easter egg coloring in Salina.

Lydiapalooza '10.

Crashing with daddy.

YMCA at Cade's school.

School's out for summer!

Leisurely chat with Grandma Rose and Blanca.

Not too crazy about the finger painting.

Summer past time.

Killing time during brudder's baseball game.

Photo shoot with mom.

Sliding. Again.

First haircut.

Round of mini golf with the fam.

Goofing off with brudder.

More water fun in Salina.

Getting inspired at the Topeka Jayhawk Club Pep Rally.

Showing off her moves in Wichita.


VH-1 Storytellers with Lydia Dennis.

Climbing Mt. Superchurchmegaplayroom.

Halloween parade at the Y.

So big!

Hay ride with the fam.

Trunk-or-treating at Cade's school.

(One of her 3 costumes this Halloween.)

Trunk-or-treating in Salina.

(Her second costume choice.)

Her second year has been a blast. We've said goodbye to diapers and moving on to big girl beds, Barbie dolls and many impromptu concerts, with the occasional melt down. A girl's allowed, you know. Looking forward to what all this next year brings.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Under Construction

If you happen to stop by here and the colors and backgrounds look a bit off and wonky, it's only temporary. I hope. I'm trying to change up a few things and it takes a while to get through it what with a silly almost-3-year-old getting squirrely during her birthday week. Hopefully it will be ready by Thanksgiving. We'll see.

Peace out.

It's That Time of Year Again!

Last Monday Cade and I got to go on our annual KU basketball date. And it was just as sweet as last year's. Maybe better because we got to hang out with my brother and cousin.

Obligatory Phog Allen pic before rubbing the foot for good luck.

KU vs. Indiana play by play by Cade.

Getting some ups.


'Wow, Dawn,' you say. 'Looks like you were right next to the band.'
'Right you are, Ken,' I say. 'Right. Next. To. THE BAND.'

This one's for Lydia.

Thanks, Jaime.

Is it me, or does Big Jay keep shrinking?

We want Selby!
{clap, clap, clap, clap, clap}

(Not til Dec. 18, folks!)

BMX X-games guys at half time. Jumping over Baby Jay.

Cade, Jaime and Cousin Monte.

Now I KNOW Baby Jay is getting smaller...