Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cade's concert was last Wednesday and it was amazing.  We have the best music teacher.  She has the kids singing like angels.  Every. Single. Time. I wish I had videoed the junior high songs.  One boy's solo brought me to tears.  Merry Christmas!

Now, I missed my cue on this next song and missed about 4 seconds of the beginning.  For those music students out there, that's only about 2 bars, and trust me, once you hear the song, you'll know you didn't miss anything.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy, happy!

This is so cute I could explode! Have you seen this father/daughter duo on the new Hyundai commercial? Oh my goodness. This little girl is ADORABLE!! Here's a little happy to start your weekend off right. The videos from Cade's Christmas concert will take all weekend to upload (I'm sssooo not joking about that), but they are coming.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

In Memoriam

Thank you, Sgt. Enzbrenner, for protecting and serving.  It was an honor to have known you. You will be greatly missed

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lydia

Lydia turned 4 YEARS OLD over the weekend.  We had the party at her new favorite place, Going Bonkers
It was a big hit and she had a blast.

Cade photo creeping.  It's pretty funny when you notice it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Going Bonkers

The other day (week) Cade had the day off from school so we went to Going Bonkers.  We've (me and Lydia) had been meeting to check it out for a while, but never seemed to get our act together.  We picked up Cade's pal R and gave it a try.  It. Was. AWESOME!! It's Lydia's new favorite place AND it's an incredible replacement for Chuck E. Cheese's.
I don't have to step foot in that place ever.  Again.  
Thank you, Going Bonkers!
Lydia also picked it to have her birthday party later this week.

She waited so long to get on this swing and spent just about the same amount of time swinging on it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Tired Halloween

Whew!  The past week getting ready for Halloween has wiped me out!  All I want to do is sleep for 18 hours.  Instead, I'll spend that 18 hours uploading pictures from said week.
It started out with the mother of all holiday traditions:

Now every month for the next 4 or 5 months, we get to re-watch all the old Charlie Brown cartoons.

Next up is Lydia' preschool costume parade and sing-a-long.
Hard to believe Cade was here just 7 short years ago doing the same thing.

Fast forward to yesterday to Cade's costume parade and Trunk-or-Treat.
This is Mrs. Doty.  Every year she has a killer costume.  This year was no different.  She was a friggin' GUMBALL MACHINE!!  Isn't it awesome??  She was counting on a bit cooler weather when she was making it and not the nearly 80 degrees we had yesterday.  When she came out, her bowl was all fogged up from the heat. Hilarious.

In the past, we usually had the drum line from Topeka High march us around the block.
This year our own drum line had the honors and they rocked!

Ursula and Ariel. And our 'Under the Sea' themed trunk. Those poor unfortunate souls had to pass me in this crazy get-up to get their candy. Some of the preschool kids were freaked out.  And so were Cade and Rusty. Cade asked more than once when I was going to take all that make up off. By the end of the night I couldn't wait to wash it off. Surprisingly, it nearly all came off with just water.  I couldn't get it off of the strangest place: mah pits.  Which is really weird because I'm pretty sure I didn't put any there.

Cade was the only Finn at school.

Now back home to our own trick-or-treating.
In case you're wondering, Cade and Rusty went as Finn and Jake from Adventure Time.
If I hadn't promised Lydia I would be Ursula to her Ariel, we probably would have been Marceline and the Lumpy Space Princess with the guys.  How fun would that have been?

Strawberry Shortcake was the other ladybug with Lydia a couple years ago.

As usual in our neighborhood, we didn't get very many 'customers'.  Lydia would wait patiently by the door holding the candy bowl, hoping they would show up.  She'd give up and start playing then go running to the door the few times we had 'customers'.  It really was pretty dang cute.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long Weekend Getaway

Cade had a few days off last weekend and we took advantage by heading over to KC for a few days.
And you know it's going to be a killer weekend when you set off the smoke detector in your hotel room in less than five minutes from walking in the door. True story.
We headed out to Coco Key first.
Lydia didn't remember being here before so it was all new to her.

Cade was lucky enough to have an old basketball team mate show up so he was able to run around with him and have some fun on their own.
What is it about swimming that makes you feel famished?  After driving around what seemed like HOURS after we left the water park, we found D'Bronx.  If you've never eaten there, you surely are missing out on some incredible pizza.  The hours long drive seemed well worth the wait.
Also, while we waited for our pie to be made, we got to graffiti the walls and booth.

Next morning we headed to Paradise Park, in Lee's Summit, MO.
It was a blast.  If you have a couple kids with an age gap like ours, it's a perfect place to entertain them both at the same time, assuming you're willing to divide and conquer parent-wise.

 He waited for hours for this to open.
Not right there, though.  He occupied his time:

 Finally!  He got to drive the go karts.  Then he got stranded on the track for a while.
Just par for the course on this trip, though.
After a lunch break, we came back and had a blast in the Foam Factory.
Not sure why we were the only parents in there playing.  I'm sure the other parents were wondering what we were doing in there.  I felt like saying, "Hello?  It's a freakin' blast in here!  Come play with yo' kids!"

Saturday morning, we attempted to watch the KU/KSU game, but found it better to do something else.
So we went to the Moon Marble Company.
Again, another win for activites to do with different aged kiddos.  They had all kinds of retro and unique toys plus we got to sit in on a marble making demonstration.

It was a great weekend.  Aside from the cash/credit/smoke alarm snafus we seemed to keep running into, we had a blast.  And we came home with a new favorite game.  SHOOTING MARBLES!  Who knew?  If you've never tried it, I'd definitely recommend it.  Going old school seems to be so in, anyway, don't you think?