Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School

Cade has started middle school. I'm still trying to process that.  I have a kid in middle school.  My oldest child is a middle schooler.  There's really not any way to say that that lessens the shock or deadens the heart ache.  
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday(s) Recap

Well.  Cade is 11 now.  If that's not enough to knock your socks right off, I don't know what will. Who thought me being the mother of someone that old was a good idea anyway?  Crazy.  Anyway.
We can't just have a simple birthday party.  We have to draw it out for weeks on end.  That's just how we do.  Here's how we did it this year.
We started off the partying in Salina with a trip to Kenwood Cove, dinner at Cade's favorite restaurant, La Hacienda and then an ice cream cake party.

Lydia's a blur because she is photobombing this one.
That's my girl.
Back in Topeka, we celebrated some more with lunch at Chili's, complete with singing waiters, brownie a la mode and endless chips and salsa.
To see the awesome Wipeout birthday party bash, complete with our very own Wipeout Zone, just click on the little 'read more' icon.  There are waaaay too many photos to have them all on here without a jump!