Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cade's Field Day

Today was Cade's Field Day at school. It was a perfect day to be outside! The kids were in groups of different ages so the older kids could help look after the younger ones and the younger kids really enjoyed "hanging out" with the older kids. By far, everyone's favorite event was the one with the inflatable donut looking things. The kids got in them and pretty much tried to sumo wrestle each other over a designated line on opposite sides. It was a riot to watch! The younger kids just kind of fell on each other, but the older kids really got bounced around and in the air when they ran into each other. Lydia and I met up with Cade at school for lunch and when we got there, Cade asked his teacher if he could bring Lydia into his classroom to "show everyone Lydia." He loves his Lydia so much and is so proud of her!

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