Monday, June 2, 2008

Dinner with the Llamas

By the looks of it, I'd guess someone just passed gas. And I wouldn't necessarily bet on any of the llamas!

Boy, these two are going to leave a trail of broken hearts wherever they go!

Crikey! 'Ave a look at this bloke.

Riley C., the brown bear hunter.

A couple of Thursdays ago, we attended an annual dinner hosted by one of the gals in my church group. She lives on a farm west of town and she has llamas! Cade asked his good pal, Riley, to go with him and those two had a blast. They went for an "adventure" with Rusty on the property. Along with the llamas, they saw horses, a donkey, a pond full of fish, dogs and a couple of out of commission golf carts (imagine Cade's disappointment!). On the walk back to the house, they encountered some interesting "pebbles" and Riley got up close to investigate. A little to close, really. It wasn't until he picked up said pebbles that they all realized it was llama scat. Thank goodness we had already eaten!

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