Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holy Hairdo!

Yes, that's 2.75" of hair all over his head.

This is what it looks like right after a shower with all of the product we use to shellac his hair down washed away. My bangs in the 80's have nothing on these bad boys. Although, I had to go through tons of Aqua Net, Rave, Aussie Hair spray, Suave or any combination of those to get that look!

No, I'm not neglecting my son's hair. This "do" was all his idea. So I figured, he's a pretty good kid, stays out of trouble, does what he supposed to, why not? He's growing it out as part of his Halloween costume. I've had to trim around the ears and at the collar to keep within the school's dress code. I keep waiting for a note to come home telling me he's in violation. Tomorrow is his last day of school before Halloween and there was no note today. So come Saturday, Nov. 1, he's losing most of it. Might keep it long on the top so it doesn't stick straight up. We'll see.

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