Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog Backlog/Blitz

I've been waaay behind on my posts (says me) so I'm on a blog blitz. Nothing special about this picture, really, except to show all my mommy friends this great water bottle topper for the itty bitties in their lives. It's made by Gerber and comes in a two pack for $3-$4 (at Hy-vee here in T-town). It fits on ANY water bottle and keeps the kiddos from spilling/wasting water. Lydia loves it, which is saying something because she's particular about her nipples. Wait, that didn't sound right...she's particular about the artificial teats on cups/bottles. Man! That really didn't sound much better.
Moving on.
So enjoy the next few posts as they may be the last ones I post until after Lydia's big bash.

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