Monday, June 15, 2009

Boy Scout Camp Egg Drop

Last week Cade attended Boy Scout day camp for the first time. He absolutely loved it, too. I mean, how could he not? He came home chattering about shooting off BB guns, bow and arrows, food fight races and hurricanes outside the window. Not exactly the kind of thing he gets to experience here at our house. There was one day with some pretty intense storms out where they were having the camp and Cade swore there was a hurricane outside, thus the reference to hurricanes.

At the end of the week, they had an Egg Drop contest, complete with a volunteer
from Cox Cable and his truck. When we got the instructions and rules for how to make
our container to house the egg, the height from which it would be dropped was NOT mentioned.
Imagine my surprise when I get there and see the Cox truck fully extended! I imagined maybe from the roof top of the camp's shelter. Anyhoo, turns out our design was perfect. It not only survived, but bounced very softly once it hit the ground.

Our awesome, Bohr Model egg drop contraption.

Some of the other containers. Gotta say, ours was the only one of its type.

Some of the campers waiting to see if their egg will survive the drop.

The cottonwood trees were dropping their stuff like crazy all week. We would come home with our hair covered with the stuff. And our nose and eyes suffered greatly.

Watching the balloon-wrapped egg bounce.

Grabbing his contraption, hoping that egg isn't going to leak all over him.

Holding it out away from him just in case it did break.

Watching an older boy scout pop and destroy the masterpiece, waiting to see if the egg is intact.

Ta-dah! It survived! Not even a tiny scratch!

What is it about a little hill that interests this little girl so much? She went up
and down this sidewalk dozens of times.

This was how high the bucket was that all the containers were dropped from.

Watching to see if his second one (made by another scout mom) survived the drop.


Getting the awards he earned during the week at camp.

Doing their team yell. I had no idea a bunch of boys could scream
like a bunch of girls!

Cade and his buddy Riley C.

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