Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rock Chalk!

For those of you who grew up KU basketball fans and ever wanted to badly to go to a game as a kid and never did, you'll get this. You know. If not, I'm sorry. You just don't get it. And you've missed out. Last week Cade and I went to the season opener of Jayhawk basketball against one of Washburn's rivals, Fort Hays State. And it definitely didn't disappoint. Getting to see the new digs around the fieldhouse was amazing. Being able to share my love of Jayhawk basketball and all things Phog-related is indescribable and like nothing I've ever experienced before. I have to admit I was totally reliving my youth that night through Cade. Looking forward to going to more games and making more memories. Thanks, Cade, for an incredible time!

You can see Allen Fieldhouse in the distance. And you can almost start
to see the phog from here.

Posing with the legend himself, Phog Allen.


Gotta love the kindness of strangers and their willingness to take a photo with
some foreign camera. Isn't it great when they act like they've never held a camera before in their life?
Right after they offer to take your picture.

Cade said this was like deja vu.
And thank goodness it was safe behind glass.

Calling 'Mario's Miracle' from the 2008 Championship game like Max would.

Spreading his wings.

This was a game that I liken to a basketball spin on Whac-A-Mole.

His cat-like reflexes earned him a spot on that day's best score.

We met up with Monte before the game for a couple pics.

One of the best mom and son moments to date!

THE Hallowed Halls.

Right after I took this picture, he gave me a high five.
Yeah, I know. I'm awesome.

A favorite player.
He's a Celtic now.



Can you FEEL it?

Here come the Jayhawks!!

Super sweet new jumbotron with an awesome montage that is
played right before they introduce the Jayhawks.

Would SOMEBODY please get Cole a new tooth?
We could see that hole in his grill from our seats!

Aaaahhhhh! Tip off at Allen Fieldhouse.

Ooohh, lemme tell ya 'bout Xavier Henry!

Lew and his *ahem* man boobs.

There's nothing like being in Allen when the crowd gets lit up after a perfectly
executed ally-oop.

Nothin' but net!

Dang it! This was almost a really good picture of us.

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