Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December Rewind

We got pretty busy the last couple weeks in December and I wasn't able to keep the blog updated.  So instead, you get this picture-palooza of a post.
Lydia's preschool class went to the Festival of Trees and got to see lots of decorated trees and make an ornament to put on her own tree.
Her favorite tree because "it's pink!"
Next up is Lydia's sing-a-long at preschool.
I'm hoping to get a video of one of her songs, but it takes a while to upload one.  Stay tuned.
-update -
YouTube came through!
Now we are at Cade's first band concert.
I have video of it as well, but something is wrong with the file and it won't play on my computer.
If I figure the problem out, I'll post it.
The Christmas party.  Since I'm the room parent (again), I was in charge of the festivities.  And thanks to my new favorite website,, I came up with a cool Minute To Win It Christmas-themed game that the kids enjoyed.
Here we are in Wichita for our annual gift exchange with some good friends. 
This year, however, was a bittersweet celebration.  A trio of friends were missing due to an unimaginable tragedy that we are all still reeling from.  We put on our happy faces for the kids and did our best to give them a good evening, but the adults thoughts were miles away in Atchison with our friends.
The big boys getting Space Needles.
Ummmm...I think he likes the tools?
Think he might be a little bit excited as well.
Santa came to our house a couple days early.
Spying what Santa left them.
Cade has been wanting a tuxedo shirt for a loooong time.  I guess Santa finally saw
the humor in it and gave him his wish.
Lydia said she hoped Santa would bring her a Fairy shirt.  Guess her last-minute effort to get on the nice list must've done the trick.  Sucka!!
"I got the Paper Jams Microphone from Santa, Dad!"
Lydia getting lost in her Santa sack.
Santa must not have been aware of the forecast for the weeks following Christmas when he decided to leave the kids sleds.  No snow in the forecast anywhere in the near future.  Hasn't stopped Lydia from playing with hers, though!
This is what it's all about folks.  The look on his face.
"A WII????!!!"
"Wait.  Is this just a Wii box with something else in it?"
Touche, Cade.  Touche.  He knows his father all too well.
It's the real deal, kiddo.
Merry Christmas.
Ldyia was super excited about her Wii Cheer 2.
Now we're in Salina at Grandma Ellie's house.
Note the shirt Cade's sporting.  He said he wanted to wear it 'where everybody could see him.'
I don't care who you are, that there is a cute baby!
We sure know how to make beautiful babies, don't we?
Now we're at Grandma Rose's house.
Another cutie getting excited about her present.
"I got my Lite Sprite wand!!!!!"
"We both got monies, Dad!"
This here is just about the cutest thing.
Grandpa and Grandma getting on the INTERNET for the first time
on his brand new laptop.
He's visiting our blog for the first time.
Welcome to the internet, Grandpa Chuck!
Hmmm...somebody must have stayed up too late the night before Christmas.
Finally, we're at Grandma Ellen's house. 
And what is that noise?
No. Way.
It's Santa!!!!!
The reindeer dust worked!  It actually worked!!!
Now you'll notice that Lydia is running around scared.  This is the first time she's ever really been around Santa.  He's always been a good idea from afar.  'Just keep the fat red and white guy away from me' has been her modus operandi for the past 4 years.
Can you see the look of concern on her face?
She's trying to decide if this is a good idea or not.
She's beginning to warm up to Santa.
OK.  He's handing out stockings.  Santa: good.
Big sigh.  She survived.
"JUST DANCE 3?!?!? I got Just Dance 3!"
We had great Christmassess, as usual.  Hard to believe we still have one more left! We'll keep you posted on those as they become available.

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