Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Oh man.  It's been a while.  We've done a lot since our last post.  I'm just going to play catch up the next few days.  This is the weekend we went to see our niece, H, compete at the Teddy Bear Gymnastics meet in KC.  After the medals and bear were passed out, we headed to Great Wolf Lodge to get wet.

 The family that does push-ups together... NUTS!

He might not look like Rusty, but he is his father's son.

 '...I work OOOUUUUT!'

 'I believe I can fly...'

 '...I believe I can touch the sky...'
 'Might as well JUMP!'
' ...she's doing the shimmy.'*
'Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. Vogue.'

 'I'm strong to the finish, 'cuz I eat me spinach...'
'I'm Popeye the sailor man! Toot-toot!!'

*that one's for all the Veruca Salt fans in the house!

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