Monday, April 15, 2013

Catch up

Yes, it's already the middle of April.  Tax day to be exact.  Did you get yours done?  Ours are done.  Thanks, Rusty!  Sooo...we've had St. Patrick's Day, track season has started and baseball season starts tonight.  Pictures of all that and maybe more coming up:

 It was a dark and stormy night...
No. Wait.  That's from a Peanuts cartoon. 
Our church put on a 5K for the first time to coincide with our Irish Fest celebration for St. Patrick's Day.  The weather didn't quite cooperate, but it didn't stop more than 200 people from showing up for the race. 
 I don't know how he could stand being this cold and wet already.
                Me?  I looked like the Leprechaun Trash Lady ran into a green muppet.

 Aaaaaand we're off!  Look at the die-hards turning on their stop watches.
Pssh.  Please.
 Just in case you didn't believe that I actually ran this puppy, here's digital proof at the turnaround point.  I'm soaking wet with the all the St. Patrick's Day eye make up I put on that morning running down muh face.  Not pretty.  Pretty sure Rusty was crossing the finish line at this point as well...
 Watching.  And waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting...
 FINALLY!  I'm not joking when I say I think I was the last runner to cross.  Everybody else behind me (and yes, there were plenty behind me!) were the walkers.  But I started it running and I finished it running and was dang happy about it.
Look at me.  I'm going so fast all you see is a blur.
Actually, I'm squishing my way across the finish line.
Best time ever, too!
 Cade, jr. photog extraordinaire.  Soaked and hungry, waiting for those delicious green pancakes.
 Rusty got first in his age division.  His best time ever, too!
Way to go, Babe!
Showing off his medal.
 Lydia couldn't WAIT to do the Leprechaun Leap and when we told her it was finally time, she looked shell-shocked.
 Shivering and waiting for the Leprechauns to start running.
The idea was to chase some 8th graders dressed as leprechauns and if they caught them, the leprechauns were supposed to give them their gold.
 The kids just thought they were supposed to follow them around the course a couple of times.

Lydia was super proud of herself, too.

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