Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Killer Party!

The awesome Allspark cake.

Every kid at the party who saw the movie Transformers immediately knew what this was.

Cade's best birthday cake to date!

Gettin' the party started.

The adult instigators.

Aww, come on! Let the kids play! Grandpa? Is that you? Rusty! Is that a hammer in your hand?!?!?!

Atta boy, Charlie! Get 'em!

Reliving his youth.

Making a wish.

Pinata time!

Not a single kid looks interested right then.

What a crew!

Cade celebrated his 7th birthday by having a big water balloon/blaster battle for the Allspark party in our backyard last Sunday. Even though we filled up 400+ waterballoons, (flooded the bathroom sink as well) they only lasted about 5 minutes. They were gone in NO time. Everybody had a good time, and I mean everybody! Even the adults were seven years old again. Cade has friends and family who are crazy generous and lavished him with an insane amount of toys, gift cards and money. Thank you to all who helped make this his "best birthday party ever!"

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