Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just A-Swingin' (Or Not)

Ummmm...Mommy? What's going on?

Baaaaad idea.

Ahhh...terra firma!

So the weather was beautiful the last part of the week so we went for walks, went to the park, tried to get in a photo shoot and...we tried out Lydia's swing that she got for Christmas. Turns out she's not such a big fan of the swing. Not sure what happened between now and way back in October when she loved the swing at Aunt Steph's house. Could it be the swing itself? It is different. Or could it be that it dangles about four feet off the ground and sits a little too far back for Lydia's comfort? I'm gonna go with the latter. Maybe we'll get another few nice weather days soon and try it again.

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