Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day!

Yesterday we had the first major snow storm of the year. Topeka got about 3 inches initially which was enough to have the kiddos begging to go out and play in it. If you remember from the last snow day's post, Lydia thoroughly enjoyed discovering snow. I'm pretty sure she'd forgotten what it was like since her last romp in the snow, so it was like discovering it all over again.

'Crunch. Crunch.'

'Hey, Lydia. Do you like the snow?'


Teaching Lydia the finer things in life.

And in typical 'monkey see, monkey do' fashion, Lydia happily gave it a shot.

Once again, Cade showing Lydia that this stuff was, in fact, perfect for making those hard, packed snowballs that sting on impact.

'Yook, mommy. I did it!'

No one and nothing was safe while Lydia was throwing snowballs.

Or Cade for that matter.

Seconds before she popped part of this into her mouth.

'I yike snow, mommy.'
Quoted verbatim.

'I like to eat snow.'
Again, quoted verbatim.

What's with my kids and sticks?

Always a childhood fave.

Didn't take her long to figure things out.

Doesn't look like she's enjoying herself, does it?

'Don't even THINK about it, mister.'

See, Lydia is learning to make wise choices.

Hey, wait a second! I JUST said how my little angel wouldn't turn on her own mother.

OK, this one stung. A lot. It was a straight shot to my chest.
Yes. That part of my chest.

As if this steep slide wasn't fast enough.

Add close to 3 inches of icy snow on top and it turns into a missile launcher.

Not again!

Building their snow fort.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think Lydia was eying some of that snow for tasting.

'Psst. Hey Cade. I can still see you.'

Good grief, Lydia. Is that snow even clean?

If you know Cade, you know this is pretty much his outlook on life.

'Lydia? What are you doing?
Are you eating snow again?'
I believe I've created a monster.

Wonder why she fell?
Oh yeah.
Probably because she couldn't see.

What goes up, must come down, I guess.

If you know what's good for you, kid, you'll drop that.
Right. Now.

Again with the eating of snow.

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