Friday, December 4, 2009

Lydia's Jayhawk Pitahtah

About a week before Lydia's birthday party, I finally found a place that sold Jayhawk pinatas. I ordered it on Monday and it was here on Tuesday. It came from Manhattan, Ks and it couldn't have made Miss Lydia more happy!

'What is it Mommy?'

'I open!'

'It's paper!'


'It's KU!'

"Jayhawk! Jayhawk! Jayhawk, Mommy!!!!'
'I know, Lydia! What kind of Jayhawk is it?'

'It's a Jayhawk pitahthah!!!'
(Lydia speak for Jayhawk pinata.)

'Thanks, Mommy.'
(wiping a tear)
'Your welcome, Lydia.'

Wonder what the Mexicans thought of this when they were putting the Jayhawk pitahtah together.

Jayhawk pitahtah instantly became her new baby.

Check out that face. She's definitely scheming something here.

Aaahhhh...of course. He needs blankets.

I thought it was pretty funny that while it was a Jayhawk pinata, it came from Manhattan all wrapped up in purple and white packing paper. It's only appropriate, don't you think?

She got ALL the packaging out. Everywhere.

And so it went for the next day or two.

This makes me so happy.


Delores said...

I'm trying to locate a Jayhawk pitahtah (lol) for my grandsons 5th bday. Could you please tell me where you found Lydia's?

DD said...

Hi, Delores! If you get this message, and I hope you do, please leave another comment. I purchased this pitahtah at Mr. P's Party Outlet in Manhattan, KS. The website is:

I called in to ask about one and they took my order over the phone. They shipped incredibly fast and from what I remember the price was reasonable. I also remember them trying to sell me matching plates and napkins as well! Hope this helps and I hope they still have one for you!