Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Shenanigans

This past Mother's Day started out just like last year: I got to sleep in, I got some great hugs and kisses along with some really great gifts and I took the kids out to get some pictures. But somewhere along the way, I turned into to typical me. While nibbling on some pepperoni, I nearly severed my tongue in two. If I had had a stud handy, I could've just added pierced tongue to my list of Mother's Day surprises. But all I had was an extra nipple ring. (Just kidding, Mom! It was a nose ring. Still kidding!) It bled FOREVER. And hurt like crazy. After about 10 minutes and internal debating whether or not to make a trip to the minor med office, I made my way to the bathroom to look at my new gash. Seems easy, right? Nnnnnooooo. Not for me. As I crossed the threshold into the bathroom, my foot slipped on a wet spot. On my way down, like most people, my arms automatically flew out to try to either brace myself or even catch myself and prevent me from falling to the ground. What I didn't count on, however, was that I hadn't cleared the doorway just yet. So when I went down flailing, both arms hit the sides of the door frame. Hard. So now I'm bleeding like a stuck pig and have matching bruises on both arms. But wait! There's more. Once I had stopped the bleeding (I managed to look in the mirror after all and find a gash in my tongue about a centimeter long and about 2 mm deep) and my arms stopped throbbing, we made our way over to Washburn to take some pictures of the mini-me's. While crossing the parking lot, I encountered one of Topeka's famous potholes. Twisted my ankle.


Definitely a Mother's Day to remember. Or forget. Depends on how you look at it...

Now on to the good stuff. There is an exhibit at Washburn where the artist used nothing but twigs and sticks to form these topiary-like structures. The kids loved running through them and playing hide and seek. And they made for excellent wind breaks. My poor kids were pretty under dressed for the weather that day. But they were troopers and didn't seem to mind all that much.

Doesn't this picture look like there's a heart framing them?

Then there are these crazy Ichabod sculptures. I love them. They're just so quirky and unexpected. And of course, my kids used them for an impromptu photo shoot as well. And I promise you, Cade started this all on his own, unprompted, and Lydia immediately followed his lead posing with the figures. The next few photos are just a handful of the funny ones I got that day. It was a wonderful ending to an otherwise awkwardly painful day for me.

I think this one is my favorite. I think it's because it reminds me not to take things so seriously and to always laugh at myself. Because let's face it. I give myself and my family plenty of material and reasons to laugh at me.

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