Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I Did for Mother's Day

I've been wanting to take the kids out and get some pictures of them for quite a while now. But between the crazy weather, baseball, cub scouts, naps and life in general, it never happened. I was lucky enough today to get to do WHATEVER I wanted because it was Mother's Day. So, off to get some great photos we went! I was all excited and determined and more importantly, convinced that this was going to be the best photo session. EVER. I even had a game plan. Poses. Venues. Lighting. All worked out ahead of time. Yeah. No. Somewhere in my haste to take advantage of my opportunity, I COMPLETELY forgot that Lydia has the attention span of about a half second. I didn't get all the wonderful pictures I was so hoping for, but I did walk away with a couple of good ones. At least I think so.

This has to be one of my favorites ever.

Another moment when Lydia was still long enough for me to get off a shot.

Awwwww! She loves her "brugga".

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Yeah, they're smiling a little bit, but more importantly, they're BOTH in this picture!

She's trying to push the pillar over.

This is classic Cade. He kept asking me to do a "crazy" pose. This is what he had in mind.

I made him smile with his mouth open. I wanted to remember his jack-o-lantern grin at this age.
My handsome little man.

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