Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend was the start of football season for the Dennis household. We started off with a little tailgating at Washburn for the Bods' home opener.

Believe it or not, dear readers, about 15 years ago, this was me, posing with some old alumni's kid, living vicariously again through their offspring.
(And you see the blonde in the second row, middle? Her name is Jordan. She was close to Lydia's age when I was wearing navy and white. Her mother worked in the athletic office and was in charge of the cheer squad and try outs until we got a new coach right before school started. Now THAT was like a cold bucket of water in the face of a gal momentarily disillusioned by nostalgia.)

Admiring each others uniforms.

Big man on campus.

Cade's bud, Riley came along with us.

Lydia saw Cade and Riley playing catch and she had to play football, too.

Cutest QB you ever did see!

Touchdown! Oh yeah! Woot woot!

Junior Bod Squad.

The team walk through.
You know it's a little hot in the locker room when the game hasn't even started and the players are already smelling a bit ripe.

Lydia enjoyed getting hi-5's from the players.

Lydia (and maybe her mother) couldn't stop watching the cheerleaders.


This blew Lydia's mind.
They just tossed a girl backwards that was being held by the two girls up top.
Pretty impressive stuff to a two year old!

The boys wandered around to the other side and rolled down the hill.

Sunday we went to Wichita to celebrate our niece Sophie's 5th birthday. She got to celebrate with one awesome castle bounce house.

Even Cade enjoyed the girlie fun house!

Just a couple more inches...
(story of my life!)

Man, check out Lydia's face. She loves swinging, too.

This is what Lydia calls 'the countdown.' I myself could hardly believe that this has been going on for a little while now.

Pretty princess.

The birthday girl lovin' on a new toy.

Makin' a wish.

The day after. Although you can't really tell by this picture, ALL of them were beyond tired. Hope everybody else's ride home was more pleasant than ours was!


Kit said...

Who is wearing the Manhattan shirt in that last picture? Your kiddos are growing so fast. They are so stinkin' cute!

DD said...

It's our good friend Riley Beymer! I used to take care of him when he was a baby. He has a girlfriend who goes to Manhattan High. That's why he's wearing the shirt. Funny that you spotted it. I didn't notice it at all until you said something!