Saturday, August 7, 2010

Annual Topeka Jayhawk Club Pep Rally

It's that time of year again! Football season is just 3 weeks away!! And we can't wait. With a new coach at KU this year and Washburn is ranked 2nd & 3rd or 9th (depends on which poll you choose) we're looking forward to an exciting season. Last Sunday was the annual TJC football pep rally at the Kansas Museum.

Here we go again!

We went inside first to cool off. It was a scorcher out there again.

More of Lydia unplugged.

I love it that Cade still likes to ham it up in front of the camera.

Showing off some mad skillz.

And did you know he is contortionist?

They also had a photo booth for everyone to use.
(Can you tell we've been spending some time near the pool?)

Admiring each other's uniforms.

This was as close as Lydia would get to any of the Jayhawks. It took her a while, but she got up enough nerve to give Baby Jay a quick--we're talking lightning speed, barely long enough to even touch hands--high five.

Not Cade. He was practically chasing Big Jay down to get a photo op.

'Which one of these is not like the others...?'
(Although, if you look at their beaks long's not very nice, now is it?)

Two out of my 3 favorite Jayhawks.

Lydia made a bee line for the Jayhawk bounce house.
Guess she'd waited long enough.

Catching some major air.

Yep, she definitely was owning the bounce house.

Cade getting ready to toss the pigskin around.

He completes the pass!

She'd been waiting all evening for this.

Showing her stuff and cheering and dancing along with the cheer squad.

Coach Gill. Think I like him. He's definitely got more charisma than the last coach, but I still miss Mr. Lunt, er, I mean, Coach Mangino.

Coach Gill signing Cade's poster. Cade said (totally unprompted I might add), 'Good luck this year coach! And we WILL beat Missouri this year!'
I was beaming, I tell you. BEAMING!!!

Then coach said to Cade, 'I like your enthusiasm, son! Thank you!'
Now what more could any parent ask for??

The trip through the museum was hilarious. Lydia took off showing us everything like she'd been here a dozen times before. Pretty sure the last time we were here was at last year's pep rally.

'It's a mud hut, Dad!'

'Eww. Yuck! Buffalo fur. That's gross!'

'Here's a car, Dad!'

'Look at this, Dad!'

'What's that, Dad?'

'Here's the train, Dad!'

Lots of fun again this year. Got us pretty excited for football and looking forward to waving the wheat and singing 'Rock Chalk'.

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Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a good time! wish we could have made it :(