Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Party

Lydia's third birthday party has come and gone. We decided to have it in Salina this year since we'd be there already and the vast majority of people who would come to T-town would be there as well. Two birds with one stone, you know. Grandma Rose's house was the venue and people, we were bulging at the seams once everybody was there. That party was off the hizzle. Fo shizzle!

The Berry Sweet cake topper.

The cake.
Doesn't my good friend Tammy make the best cakes?

The decor.
(Mad props to my lil bro for taking these great pics.)

Every birthday party needs a themed banner, right?



Cade thought this was funny.

Lydia loved her 'pee-yah-tah'.
After seeing this behemoth, I knew I didn't even come close to bringing enough goodies to fill this bad boy.

Ummm...Lydia? The pinata is over there...

Thaaaat's better.

E giving it a go.

S giving it a good smack.

H doing her best to make the first indent.

Finally! Heavy hitter.
I'm pretty sure this thing was reinforced with steel.

NOW we're getting somewhere.

I think he liked the pee-yah-tah.

Ultimately it took Cade smashing the berry to within an inch of it's paper macheed life to get it to bust open.

Awww...so sweet!

Hope her birthday wish came true.

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