Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lydia's 2nd Birthday Party

Sunday we celebrated Lydia's second birthday. Since her birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year and a month before Christmas, I wanted to have the party before to space out the new toy clutter/mayhem. She had been looking forward to this party for weeks.

Our little Jayhawk ballerina.

Spinning in her 'Jayhawk dress'.

62* in November. In Kansas.

Love that she got to play outside on her special day!

'Look, mommy! I'm running!!!!'

'Stick, Gigi! Stick!'

Baby E enjoying the Jayhawk 'pitahtah'.

Awww...lovin' on Cade.

I LOVE how her cake turned out! It looks so festive and fun!!

Lydia also loved her Jayhawk cake.

'Happy Birthday dear Lydiaaaaa. Happy Birthday to yooooouuuuu!'

'Psst. Hey, Lydia. Now you're supposed to blow out your candle.'

Lydia, blow out your candle, please.
Lydia. Blow. Out. Your. Candle.

shaking head in disbelief

Doot doot doo doo...

*cricket chirp*

No, don't blow on Daddy, blow out your candle.

So when she FINALLY did blow out the candle, I wasn't ready and I got this shot instead just moments after.

'It's dee-yishous!'
Lydia speak for 'It's delicious!'

Present time! Present time!
Open the presents and see what's inside!

Mmmm...I'm thinking she likes the puter.

'Pat Pat Rocket! It's Pat Pat Rocket!!!!'

'There's June, Annie, Yeo, and Kincy.'
(June, Annie, Leo and Quincy.)

Another home run: the iCarly remote. Or as Lydia calls it,
'iCarnie mahmote.'

This is where the party came to a screaching halt.
'Max and Ruby! MAX AND RUBYYYYYYYYY!!!!'

Her party was great and I enjoyed every moment preparing for it. It was all worth it.

Lydia's party was on the 22nd. Not the 15th like the date on this post would have you believe. It's actually the 25th today, the day I posted it. Not sure what's going on with blogger.

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