Monday, February 21, 2011

That Mother Nature is SUCH a TEASE!!!

Last week, Mother Nature gave us a reprieve on her relentless attack of freezing cold, snow-packed weather. After near record below zero record temps, we had a few beautiful days to enjoy outside. It was the first time Lydia was able to take the Dora trike out.

Loving the feeling of the air blowing through her hair, getting to push
all the noisy, blinky-blinky buttons at will.


Then on Thursday, it was SHORTS weather outside.

Tossing the ball around, playing catch with brother.

Huh. Cheeky thing, isn't she?

Check out this tongue action, ala Jordan.

This is the kids' attempt at contemporary real life photography.

Check out Cade's new specs. He's looking pretty mature, no?

And now we're back to the cold weather and a double ear infection-sinus infection and colds. Man, I can't wait for spring.

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Kit said...

Your kids are so darn cute!! Can't believe how Cade is growing up.