Friday, May 20, 2011

More Baseball...

Since all we've done the past few weeks involves baseball and gymnastics, we're just going to go through some more of the same.

A little pre-game drill action.

Typical of Lydia's pre-game shenanigans.

This time she had a fun playmate to hang out with.

A swing and a miss.

Making a play at first.

Getting worn out.

This is our great view of Lake Shawnee from just about any point at the complex.

"No, Mom! Don't take a picture of me right now!!"

"Now you can take a picture, Mom!"

Watching it all the way in.
Wasn't his pitch.

Getting too comfortable in my chair.

Good game, Rattlers.
Better luck next game.


The best part of the game: snacks!

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