Monday, May 9, 2011

What I Did for Mother's Day...

My Mother's Day weekend got off to an early, incredible start on Cinco de Mayo. After dinner downtown, we went to Wolfe's camera to 'look' at a camera I'd had my eyes and heart set on for a while now. We left with this in the bag:

Happy Mother's Day to me! It's the one I'd been wanting for a while. Thank you Rusty, Cade and Lydia. I love it.

The following photos are the first I've taken with my present. I have a few kinks to work out as we are still getting to know each other, but all in good time, readers. All in good time.

Next we head over to Cade's school for the annual Spring Fling. Lots of mirth and mayhem to report. Cade threw himself in jail twice (don't ask, I don't know), Lydia got her face painted for the first time and she also got rid of a nasty piece of abc gum from one of the bounce houses (more accurately, her sock found it somewhere in one of them, so that's the good thing, right? No more gum for anybody else to find, right?) Lots of games for the 6 & under set in Squire Land:

Gone Fishin'

Dino Dig

Disney Princess bounce house

Unfortunately, Cade is of the age where he now can 'roam about the cabin' at will at these events, so this is the only photo we got of him enjoying the activities.

This ride was the inspiration behind Lydia's face art.

She's sitting as still as she does when she gets her hair cut.

Getting just the right amount of glitter.

Super cute.

These were the other activities on the other side of the school where Cade spent most of his time. Looks like everyone had a blast. And how cool is that inflatable joust-looking thing? Reminds me of that show, American Gladiators, that we use to watch in high school.
Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

Don't these slides look like a ton of fun??? The families in charge of the fling this year did a terrific job organizing the event. It's going to be hard to top it next year!

Later that day...
we made it to Wichita for our goddaughter's First Holy Communion.
Rusty treated me to a dinner sans kids andletmejusttellyou! It. Was. Wonderful. Nobody else's mouth to clean but my mine. And Rusty was on his own on that one. Thanks for letting the kids hang out and play while we went restaurant hopping, Mark and Steph.
(Yes, restaurant hopping. We went by 3 or 4 before finally making it to Margarita's. Who has prom the week before graduation?)

These two were a little restless waiting around to get to church. At one point, we weren't sure they were going to make it.

Mom and Dad with the star of the show, Hanna.

So. Pretty.

She's going to leave a trail of broken hearts, no doubt.

Rusty and me with our beautiful goddaughter.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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Katy said...

We love you Hanna! I'm sorry we couldn't be there to see your first communion. You looked so pretty.