Saturday, July 16, 2011

Campus Life

A couple weeks ago I took the kids to Washburn to take some pictures of them at a cute little pond they have on campus. I couldn't believe how much plant life there was in it. Doesn't seem like it's been there all that long.
Here are a few shots of the most gorgeous water lilies and pads I've ever seen:

Here is Lydia noticing some of the more slimy varieties of life living in the pond.

Doesn't this frog look like a garden statue?

People call them koi. I call them carp. Bottom feeders. Scavengers. Gross...

Let's start the count, shall we? Here's one.

Ornamental turtle!

Two...and slimy as all get out.

Can you spot the two that are in this picture? Only one counts because the other one has already been accounted for. So we're up to three now.

Four! Four green, slimy frogs, ah-ah-ah!


Not sure what he's thinking here, but I'm glad I got this shot.
Probably something like, 'Man, I hope mom gets her shot. It's hot as heck out here."

This. Guy. Was. HUGE.
And he had purple stripes and polka dots?
We're up to six now, folks.

Mr. I-Eat-Guys-Like-Kermit-For-Lunch here brings the total to seven.
And that green stuff makes me gag every time I look at it.

Honestly, I expected to see seven long, sticky tongues come zapping in at this guy from all different directions and getting all tangled up Looney Tunes-style.

Ultimately, we left the pond and found a shadier place for a photo op.
Pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I did manage to get this one out there.

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