Thursday, March 15, 2012

I got to spend the morning with Lydia at her preschool a few weeks ago.  It was the same and yet completely different from when Cade was there.  One of the teachers, Sheryl, who was Cade's teacher, is still there and gets a kick out of seeing how much he has grown since he was in her class.  Also, there is a little girl in the class (the cutie in the purple shirt and pink bow--and those cheeks!  I just want to munch on them every time I see her!!  Where was I...) whose older sister was in the class with Cade as well.

Cheesing it up for the camera.
During their 'work time.'  Building a tall tower for animals to sit on.

Putting on our make up.
And makin' stuff out of glitter play dough.
 It was picture day so I got to sneak a few pics while the real photographer worked.

It was also Happy Bear day.  Happy Bear is a bear puppet who lives at the library and comes to read a book to the students once a month.

'You lookin' at me?
Are YOU looking at ME?'

Her favorite part of the day.  Recess!

This 'park' as Lydia calls it is new since Cade was there.  
The playhouse, tire swing and boat shown below are oldies but goodies.


 "So I sez to da broad, 'You gettin' in or you gettin' out?' "

Swinging her besties around.

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