Monday, July 2, 2012

An Exercise in Color

So I decided to a 5K. 
*murmur murmur murmur*
Pipe down. No, the world as you know it hasn't come to an end.  
Lemme explain.

See I came across this ad for something called The Color Run
(Thank you, Pinterest.)
And I thought it sounded pretty cool.  In KC, really laid back, lots of fun, great course.  It's called the happiest 5k on the planet, so I mean, why not, right?
So I started training for it on the sly.  Didn't tell anyone but Rusty. And let me just say right now that training for your first 5k ever on a treadmill isn't exactly the right way to go, but lesson learned.  I'm not too disappointed about that or anything, because, well, I'm just not.  I didn't do this to get great at running, to run it in a certain time or anything like that.  I guess I did it because I thought I could.  And I did.
The packet pick up was at Arrowhead Stadium in the Tower Club.  They had one of the doors to the actual stadium open.  The kids seemed to enjoy the view.

Race day morning.  A little later than I had hoped, but I'm sure those young, unattended baseball players who were running up and down the hall after midnight had no idea I needed to get up early...
Nearing the starting line and festivities.  
Beginning to see LOTS of white.
Man.  That's quite a few people.
Starting to get a little nervous.
White was the recommended color to wear during the run.
You'll see why later.
It was the biggest Color Run ever.  13,000 the day I ran and 13,000 more the next morning.
There's talk that they might even have one in Lawrence next year!
(HOLD UP. Did I just get a little bit giddy over another race?  What is WRONG with me?)
Both stadiums.  Pretty cool course.  But what do I know?  Not like I'd EVER ran one before.
This was my position.  Could barely see the starting line.
Good thing they had us going in waves.  I was in the 8th wave.
Ummm...I think I'm ready?
Wish I'd had some inspiring and encouraging words before I started...
This was my goal.  The end.  The finish line. The color throw. The dancing.  The water.  The porta potties.
Tart line?  You'd think they'd start off with a brighter color for the s.  Just sayin'.
Aaaand we're off!

There I am. Just one of many racing to the first color zone.
And my apologies to all the men on the course whose crotch had the misfortune of coming in contact with muh fists.  My gait isn't that great, I mean, I'm no Phoebe Buffay, but my hands did get away from me at times.

The first Color Zone.

They throw this colored powder that is like cornstarch or powdered sugar.
There were 3 more along the course: orange, blue and pink.
What was going on while I was running.
This guy was in my wave.  His head had to be on fire.  Rusty and the kids thought that if they saw him, I should be around somewhere...
This was the Color Throw at the end of your race.  They give a packet at check in and we all throw it en masse.  Pretty fun, actually.  As I was walking aimlessly, trying to find Rusty and the kids, I ran into my old college roommate, Tong-I-Fong-Fong and her son Sparky.  Let me tell you, it was great to see a familiar face in that huge crowd.
Here I am after what seems like days.  Not that the run was especially difficult or anything.  I mean, it was only 3.1 miles, but when you're expecting to see loved ones, and you don't, the time seems to drag on and on...
Finally back at the hotel.  A better glimpse of the carnage.  Kinda looks like a unicorn puked on me.
 And yes, I'm as dazed and confused as I look.
Took a while to get all this color washed off.
(And how about a round of applause for putting those 2 photos on the internet?)
Still had a little bit left here and there but I'm just glad I showered at the hotel.  That's not a mess I'd like to clean up after. All in all, it was a great experience.  I'll probably do it again.  Especially if it's in Lawrence.  If you get the chance to run it, you should.

Here are some videos that give a better idea of what the event was like.
That was actually the color throw that I was in.
And I was one of the crazies jumping around like a lunatic at a rave.

Special thanks to Cade for the race photos.

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