Monday, July 16, 2012

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered Bricktown

Last weekend I had the rare opportunity to get away for much deserved girls weekend.  Last time this group got together, we were in KC for a few days.  This time we took our brand of crazy down to OKC.  I wish I had bothered to take my camera with me more to capture some of the mayhem we caused fun we had, but sadly, it sat on my nightstand for most of the trip.  On the rare occasion I did have it with me, there wasn't a chance in heck I'd document  it must have slipped my mind most of the time.  I was able to catch a few photos here and there.
Gotta love the self-timer.
This is before we got cuh-RAZAAY!

 Here we are after a relaxing morning of mimosas spa treatments. While I was happy to have somebody driving us around, not sure being at the very back of the limo on a stomach of nothing more than a grapefruit juice cocktail was the best move.
 See?  Me in the very back.  Before we got moving and I started turning green.

 I know what you're thinking.
No, the flux capacitor was not inside.
Doc must be moonlighting as an exec at the Sonic headquarters.
 One of the art studios along our art walk on the Paseo.
There were a ton more, but why I didn't take my camera out for them, I'll never know.  I did happen to get video of some live music at one of the studios:
 I guess only in OKC can you find bbq nachos.  I had my doubts when the order went in, but good lord those were good.  There were many delicious restaurants between our stops at the Bricktown Brewery and Coaches (see below), but I've got to say that my favorite by far was Bolero Spanish Grill and Tapas Bar.  Delicious food, amazing service *wink, wink* and great atmosphere.  Also loved all the live entertainment they had almost everywhere we went in Bricktown.  But we found that most of the restaurants closed down by 10 on a Thursday.  Strange.
This is the last place we stopped.  I couldn't believe it when we walked in.  You know that feeling you get when you think you've thought of something really cool, only to discover that someone's already done it?  That was the feeling I had when I walked into Coach's.  Pretty cool concept.  It's a restaurant that's situated behind left field of the minor league baseball team in OKC, the Redhawks.
 How cool would it be to watch the game from this table???
 The owner, the Smokie Okie (yes, that's really what he goes by.  I can't make all this stuff up, folks.), came over and visited for a while.  He reminded me of Bill Engvall without the twang.
Apparently everything is bigger in Oklahoma, too.
It was delicious, but after our weekend of debauchery fun, I could barely choke down half of the one on the left. It was great to escape reality get away for a while and even better to see all the girls again.  I'm sure we all made some lasting memories we won't soon forget.  Also, if you're ever in Bricktown on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening, may I recommend stopping by Murphy's Piano Bar? The people watching is FABULOUS!

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