Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School

Cade has started middle school. I'm still trying to process that.  I have a kid in middle school.  My oldest child is a middle schooler.  There's really not any way to say that that lessens the shock or deadens the heart ache.  
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Now for the obligatory snapshots.
What is UP with the shrinking saint?
And why is it when I see him, I still see this:

He's not even knee-high to this saint in this photo.
 Awww...his first pledge of allegiance.
Pretty sure those girls are in college now.

 When I first saw this knight, I had a flashback to one night in college that involved the Phi Delt knight, composites, a flour shower and having to go to practice with flour still in my hair.
The usual suspects, plus one.

McKayla Maroney is NOT impressed with Lydia's pouting and desire to "just go hoooooooooome!"
His homeroom teacher did him a solid:
put him by the door so he can make a quick escape from all the girls!
He survived his first day of middle school.
Me?  I'm still recovering.  :/

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