Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday(s) Recap

Well.  Cade is 11 now.  If that's not enough to knock your socks right off, I don't know what will. Who thought me being the mother of someone that old was a good idea anyway?  Crazy.  Anyway.
We can't just have a simple birthday party.  We have to draw it out for weeks on end.  That's just how we do.  Here's how we did it this year.
We started off the partying in Salina with a trip to Kenwood Cove, dinner at Cade's favorite restaurant, La Hacienda and then an ice cream cake party.

Lydia's a blur because she is photobombing this one.
That's my girl.
Back in Topeka, we celebrated some more with lunch at Chili's, complete with singing waiters, brownie a la mode and endless chips and salsa.
To see the awesome Wipeout birthday party bash, complete with our very own Wipeout Zone, just click on the little 'read more' icon.  There are waaaay too many photos to have them all on here without a jump!

Here we are folks!  Another edition of Wipeout, Back Yard edition coming atcha from middle America.  The Heartland.  The Sunflower State.  Home of the Jayhawks and the windiest city in the US!  Let's just hope none our contestants are contributing to those numbers, folks!
Quite a motley crew we've got today.
Aaron "Turtle" K., Tobin "Agent T" G., Robert "Hurley" My-dinger, "Wild" Riley C., Riley "Zero" B., and of course, our birthday boy, Cade "Scruffles" D.
The Sweeper arm to determine the order they ran the Wipeout Zone.
"Wild" Riley C. getting interviewed by our own pint-sized co-host, Lydia "Gummy Bear" D.
Robert "Hurley" My-Dinger!
Tobin "Agent T" G.
Aaron "Turtle" K.
"So, Aaron.  Tell me how you got the nickname 'Turtle'."
"Well, if I was a turtle, I'd have a party in my shell, Lydia!"
Cade "Scruffles" D.
Riley "Zero" B.

Cade's run through the Wipeout Zone.
 "Wild" Riley getting us started with the dizzy bat.
 Up the down slide.
 Tobin "Agent T" going across the Tightrope Bars.
 Agent T missing the Motivator and taking on the Big Red Balls.
You can't tell from any of the photos, but this thing is filled with a little water and a ton of shaving cream.  They had to find Ballsy and his stick.
Lydia "Gummy Bear" Dennis trying out the Wipeout Zone.
The medal ceremony.
 The Motivator served dual purpose as the pinata.
 "Dude. Watch this.  Hold my beer punch...."
"Chug! Chug! Chug!"
Why do I get the feeling this is like looking into the future..?
 This, apparently, is what middle school boys thinks is hilarious.
(And, yes.  Their mothers, too.) Then we took Cade and "Wild" Riley C. to Legoland and the Sealife Aquarium in K.C. (Word to the wise, order your tickets online about a week in advance.  Otherwise, you wait in line indefinitely.)
This scale tells you your weight in number of legos.
  This ride reminds me of the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney World.
This was the Lego Racers Build and Test area.  You build your own vehicle and test it on various ramps.  Kind of like pinewood derby without the, well, the slightly awkward boys scout aspect.
This was the Karaoke station in the girly area.
We must have hear JB's Baby, Baby 10 times that day.
Lydia posing with the ticket taker in front of the 4D theater.
Lydia said it was the coolest movie EVER!
Miniland had miniature models of places on interest around KC.
 LiveStrong Sporting Park
Kaufman Stadium
Arrowhead Stadium
Kansas Speedway
Union Station and the Sprint Center
Liberty Memorial
Starlight Theater
The JC Nichols Memorial Fountain on the Plaza
Country Club Plaza
This section of the exhibit was super cute.  It was the different scenes from the Wizard of Oz.  You can't tell by this photo, but the house spins and a tornado is whirling behind it on the wall.
Lollipop Land!
Can you see the tiny red slippers under the house?!
Oooh-eee-ohh!  Yyoooo-oooh!
 I'll get you my pretty!  And your little dog, too!
I'm melting! MELTING! What a world!
The Wizard? But nobody can see the Great Oz! Nobody's ever seen the Great Oz! Even I've never seen him!
Anybody else see the irony in Lydia's shoess?
The flying monkeys!
Now on to the aquarium!
This one if for my niece, H.  She likes the blowfish.
This lil' guy seemed so interested in me and my camera.  Very photogenic. 
The first of many domes you could go into and look inside the aquariums.
This bugger was hard to photograph. He was hiding out in a dark crevice. Believe it or not, you can see him better in the actual photo here than I could when we were there.
My second favorites!  Jellies!
There were so many clown fish in this tank. Nemos everywhere!
 It's Peach again! That girl gets. Around.
This one, I think, was my favorite.  It was by far the most colorful tank.
This guy was giving me the stink eye.
 That's a moray!
 (See what I did there?)
 This is a guitar fish.  Interesting.
This was a clear viewing area above an open tank. Pretty cool.
Lydia doesn't look too happy right here, but trust me, she was a ball of sunshine!
This guy.  He's got a face only his mother can love.
That concludes our show, folks.  As always,  good night and big balls!

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