Monday, November 19, 2012

Date Night in the Phog

 My annual date night with Cade turned out to be a family affair a few Mondays ago!
KU and my alma mater, Washburn University played each other in an exhibition match a couple Mondays ago.  My brother, sister and niece joined us for the evening.  While I'm a KU fan at heart, I truly bleed Washburn blue through and through.  I'll admit it was a bit awkward to be sportin' my Washburn wear in the house that Phog built, but I wore it with pride and with purpose.  But that doesn't mean I didn't get goosebumps when I heard the best cheer ever:
Gets me every time.
Every. Time.
And then there is this:
The guys on the other team just look at it in awe and wonder.
There were lots of other Ichabods at the game that night.  We met some friends there who we haven't seen in a while:
 Not sure why he's looking like a 'Bama fan, though. :/
Tip off.

Hanging out in Jayhawk tunnel.
Love it!

Yeah, the Bods lost.  But man!  We sure looked good against the Hawks.
And now I can openly cheer for my two favorite teams, wearing whatever gear I want, wherever I want and not be internally torn about my allegiance to either team.
It was a great night in the the Phog.

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