Friday, November 30, 2012

Lydia is now 5.  How is this happening??? 
Well, you know how we do this.  First celebration took place in Salina.  She originally wanted a Washburn themed party.  I had Ichabod all lined up to make an appearance, but about 3 weeks before the big day, she freaks out and refuses to go along with her previous request.
So, she tells me she wants a pretty pink party.  
*eye roll*
Most everyone out there knows that I'm not a fan of the pink shades Pepto Bismol or lighter.  
That's not to say I don't like pink at all.
Hot pink?
Love it.
Bring it on.
Give it to me.
Baby pink?
 And that is exactly what Lydia had in mind.  The kids get to pick whatever theme they want, so pink it was.  Thankfully, Grandma E was OK with turning her basement into something between a baby shower and birthday party for a little girl.
Check it out:

Not so bad, right?
Wait until you see the party at home.

Nobody can accuse her of not being expressive.
No. Way.

It's so cute!

Now we're at Lydia's favorite place to eat in Salina.  La Hacienda.  Or as Lydia calls it, "Haciendas."
She could hardly wait to get to the fried ice cream.

OK. Here we go.  Pretty much looks like somebody threw up Pepto Bismol everywhere.
But it's exactly what she wanted.
For her Pretty in Pink party, she invited just a few friends from school for a tea party and play date and donuts.

People, we had pink EVERYWHERE.

Some of  her BFFs from school.

Doing what little girlies do best.
Now for the after party.
Just Dance Disney.
Shakin' what their mamas gave them.

So on her actual birthday, we did what we 
always do:  Daddy's lunch.
Otherwise known as Chili's.
She brought her new 'American Dolls'.
 She was tickled pink (I know, eye roll) when they brought the brownie and ice cream.
 Too stinkin' cute.

 She's been waiting a while to get her ears pierced.  We told her she could when 
she turned five.
Can you tell how excited she was to 
finally get there?
 Look at that face.
So precious and unaware of what is about 
to happen.
Now look at that face.
I crack up every time.
She looks royally ticked.
Like, "This is SOOOO not what I signed up for."
 A few tears were shed, but she was really brave and sucked it up.
 Checking the ears out.
 No worries.
She loves them now.
Can't you tell?
Dad?  That's another story.

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