Thursday, June 6, 2013


Summer break was when I was supposed to take advantage of those lazy days of summer and keep up with the blog.  But as all two of you can tell, I've been blog neglecting instead.  Weddings, camps, baseball games, softball games, Pinterest are all pulling at me, taking up all my precious blogging time.

First up, we've got some 'live action' shots from some of Cade's baseball games.  He's having a pretty good season so far.

 Such focus!

 Rusty is coaching this year.  FINALLY!!!  The boys are doing so well under his and Coach Dave's instruction.  Couldn't be prouder of both my boys this season!

 Good thing this boy is tall!
 His stretching ability has saved many a play this season.
On this one, he dropped it, but he picked it up in time to get the runner out!

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