Thursday, June 20, 2013

To Become A Knight

Lydia has for the past school year referred to her pre-k class as 'Pre-K at Cade's school.'  Not sure why she never really owned up to it and called it her own?  Anyway, as you may not be aware, the Mater Dei mascot is the Knight.  As pre-k students, the kids are called squires, as they are not knights just yet.  And how cute is that?  Squires are actually defined as knights in training.  That is so clever!  Anyway, she finished up waaaaay back in May and along with a graduation, they also had a Knighting ceremony.  Check it out:

The graduates parading onto the stage.


 Cute present for their teacher.  Bugs made out of their thumb prints.
 Lydia with her besties and a little sister.
 Cade was lucky enough to get pulled from class to watch and nab some pre-lunch cookies.
 Lydia with her 'knight helmet'.
Ready for kindergarten.

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