Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun weekend

How many Great Grandmothers do you know who would sit down and play "Gassy Guss" and giggle along with a six year old?
Man, how boring do we have to be to make Great Grandpa Chuck fall asleep right in the middle of all the mayhem of watching the Masters on TV? You might notice the "fun" Cade had with Chuck once he noticed Grandpa was asleep.
Lydia loving on Great Grandma Rose
The kids had a real treat this weekend with tons of visitors! First Grandma Pat and Aunt Gigi stopped by for a bit on Friday. Then my Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Rose Barnett finally made it back from their winter place in Texas and stopped by Saturday to see us and the kids. On Sunday, it was our other Grandparents, Ed and Marjorie Dennis and Rusty's parents who stopped by after we had lunch for Grandma Marjorie's birthday. Must be something about that chair and Great Grandpas because Grandpa Ed fell asleep, too!

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