Saturday, April 12, 2008

What now?

Now that basketball season is over, we don't quite know what to do with our Saturdays. Nearly every Saturday since September I always knew to put out everybody's KU gear to wear to get ready for game day. And what a ride! The Jayhawk's win at the Orange Bowl and now National Champions in basketball sure have made us glad to be Jayhawks! I'm going to miss getting out our "lucky shirts": Rusty's Fighting Manginos, Cade's shirt is pictured here, mine was a Christmas gift from the kids, and Lydia had a whole line up of gear she could go through, should she pee, puke or poo on them, but she always had on her lucky KU bow.
I guess I will be spending some of the time updating this blog! There's also the many, many baseball games Cade will be playing starting next weekend. Really looking forward to it and I expect to be putting up pictures of that as well. So for now, until the start of football season, ROCK CHALK!

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