Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Giants go extra inning to win!

Getting geared up to play catcher.

Is he the catcher or a goalie?

What a view!

Third base.

Did anybody else get out at 8:30 last Saturday morning? Oh my gosh! It was way too cold for a baseball game! Lydia and I were hanging out in the back of the Sante Fe and this was my view for the entire game, through my zoom lens. It actually was pretty nice and cozy back there, just the two of us, out of the wind and cold. The game was tied 6 all at the hour forty five minute mark/5th inning, so they went one extra inning and the Giants won 9-8. The poor, frozen little guys didn't even realize they had won until the coaches said, "Go out and shake their hands. You won!"

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