Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of 3rd Grade

Cade started the third grade on Wednesday. Really. Can hardly believe it. He was pretty excited about it too. I'll admit I wasn't quite ready to send him back to school. And Lydia. Poor Lydia. She misses her 'Brugga' so much during the day now.

I wasn't sure how the morning was going to go since it was as dark as night and raining with lightning moments before we left for school. Thankfully, the rain let up just as we were leaving, but we didn't get to mill around in front of the school and catch up with past classmates and get more pictures together like we have on previous first days of school. But don't worry. I got plenty despite the missed photo op session.


The obligatory first-day-of-school-in-front-of-the-door picture.

This crazy beast of a bug was waiting for us right in front of me on the windshield when we got in the car.

Is it me or does this little saint statue seem to be shrinking every year?


Getting situated in his desk.

Lydia was getting situated as well...

Yay! Another boy in his class!

Lydia was anxious to see her 'Brugga' again after school.

Riley B. had a good first day, too!

Riley C. came over to say hi to Lydia.

Tammy and Riley came over after Lydia yelled, "Beymer!

Yay!! He likes 3rd grade!

Celebrating with lunch at Freddy's.

What? Why can't I use my shirt for a napkin?


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