Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Adventures from the Adventuremobile

Last week (or was it the week before?) we visited the Adventuremobile again and to my surprise the animal du jour was TURTLES!!! There were 3 pretty good looking specimens there and Lydia went nuts over them. As soon as she saw them (from like a mile away) she started saying, 'Hi turtle. Hi turtle. Hi turtle.' It was a pretty precious moment for me to see the glee on her face and to see her get so excited over turtles. (Hey, it's the little things, people.) She couldn't get enough of these little reptiles.

'Hi turtle. Hi turtle. Hi turtle.'

'One. Two. Three. Three turtles!'
(Yes, she actually said that!)

'I touch? OK!!'

Even 'brugga' was enjoying the turtles.

Check out his little red beady eyes.

'Bye turtles. Bye turtles. Bye turtles. See ya.'

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