Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Thinking She Likes Gymnastics.

Soooo, on Monday I took Lydia to a 'trial' gymnastics class. When I put this leotard on her, she said, 'simmin'?' which is Lydia speak for swimming. I told her no and tried explaining it to her, which luckily for me, seemed to work. Not sure how she knew or figured it out, but the moment we stepped into the building, she was giddy excited.
I mean bouncing off the walls,
can't-wait-to-climb-or-jump-on-something exuberant. Needless to say she thoroughly enjoyed herself and wasn't quite ready to leave when the class was over. We still have another gym to check out before we pick one, but I know this next time it won't be so difficult to explain it to her. She still gets excited and lights up whenever we mention gymnastics or the leotard.

Feeling like such a big girl!

'Leotard!' Or something that sounds like a cross between leotard and guitar.
Doesn't translate well into written word.

SO proud!

Excited for gymnastics!

Checking out the lay of the land in every possible corner.

Now, it doesn't look like she's enjoying herself right here. Of course, I didn't have my camera near me when she was crawling around in the foam pit, throwing foam everywhere and squealing. No, I get it when she's tired and wants to get out!

Trying her best to crawl up this contraption. Definitely her least favorite of all the apparatus, but again, didn't have my camera with me as I was playing along with her.

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