Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sk8r Boi

Cade received a skateboard for his birthday and he has been enjoying getting acquainted and comfortable riding it. We've had no major spills or injuries to report (knock on wood) and he is now ready to loosen the wheels. Thing is, we have no idea how to do it. Is there a special tool? Can you use a regular socket wrench? Who in the world do you even call with these kind of questions. Poor kid. He's got parents who are the least likely to know any of this. Good thing he doesn't yet know it, though. We've done a pretty good job of faking it so far but I've got a feeling that's not going to work much longer.


Oh well. It was a good ride.

It's amazing that he didn't fall off or get tripped up on our dirty driveway. It had stormed the night before and it was filthy. Not to mention the grass in the cracks. Don't worry. It's all cleaned up now. At least until the next storm. Nasty oak trees.

I have to mention this, too:
Lydia kept saying, "Good job, Brugga! You did it!" Precious.

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