Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Way to Go 'Bods!

We took Lydia to her first WU game on 09/04 for their home opener. Lydia loved every minute of it, too. Cade had a blast as well. The 'Bods thoroughly enjoyed themselves, putting an 82-21 hurt on New Mexico Highlands Cowboys, setting a school record for points scored on an opponent. And I'm pretty sure I've NEVER heard fans cheer 'Warm up the bus!' during the first quarter. Yes, the Bod Squad actually chanted that during the first quarter. But can you blame them, really? It's like NMH didn't even show up. Some stats from the game:

* The Ichabods were 10 of 10 in red zone scoring opportunities.
* The 82 points broke the school record which was set during the 1900 season when the Ichabods beat Fort Riley 80-0. Against collegiate competition, the Ichabods topped St. Mary's of the Plains 79-3 on Sept. 9, 1978.
* The 61-point margin of victory tied for the fifth-largest win by an Ichabod team.
* The Ichabods used 62 different players against the Cowboys.
* The Ichabods went the entire game without punting.
* The 534 yards of total offense was the most since the Ichabods recorded 518 against Southwest Baptist on Oct. 10, 2007.
* The last time the Ichabods blocked a punt for a touchdown was on Sept. 23, 2005 when Jake Lebahn returned a Chris Brown blocked punt 15 yards against Southwest Baptist on Sept. 23, 2005 for a touchdown.
*The Ichabods had nine different receivers receive at least one pass.
* Travis Mosby led the Ichabods with 103 all purpose yards with 66 receiving yards and 37 kickoff return yards.
Not bad, huh?

Lydia was excited when we told her we were going to a football game.

My favorite 'Achabods' (Lydia speak for Ichabods.)

Playing catch with some of Dane Simoneau's (WU QB) family before the game.

Nice one!

'I love you, man!'
'No man, I love you!'

The whole team and staff walking from Whiting to the field through a tunnel of fans.

Not sure when we got a Mexican Ichabod.
Maybe he just got a killer tan during summer break.

Cade made me take of picture of this (mutant mini Nilla Wafers)
and promise to put it on the blog.

Oh, man. This takes me back...

'Go Achabods!'

So lovely.


This was the score.

'Go Big Blue!'

Our boys in blue.

This was the score when we left. We were pretty sure Washburn was gonna get a W at the end of this one.

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