Monday, January 25, 2010


Lydia started gymnastics, or in Lydia speak, "m'nastics!" a couple weeks ago and absolutely loves it. I took about 100 photos on this particular day because 1) I could, 2) I wanted to and 3) Rusty was off for President's Day and Lydia wanted him to be with her this time so I was free to snap away. We are both blown away by how much she enjoys it and the level of competency she has achieved in just the 4 weeks that she's had classes. Of course the proud mamma in me is going to say that, but seriously. It's like she's taken the class before or something. Which is a good thing because for now it seems like we have bypassed that whole getting used to the class stage when you wonder whether or not your kid was ready for something like this because you spend the majority of your time chasing after them trying to get them refocused on the task at hand. So, here are the photos of Lydia enjoying m'nastics with Rusty.

Warming up with a race to give the wall a high five.

Hoppin' like a kangaroo.

Bear walk.

'Good bear walk, Daddy!'

Lunges. Don't you just love her little posed fingers? :D

'Smell your toes!'

Lovely pike.

Taking her stretching seriously.


Focusing on the coach's instructions.

The obstacle course is her second favorite part of class.

So graceful and poised.

Great dismount!

Cartwheels! Can you believe it?

Loving the bar.

'I'm hanging Daddy!'

Heading to her favorite part of class.

The big trampoline!

It's always hard to get her off of this.

Getting the stamp on her hand at the end of class might be her second favorite part as well. Whatever it is, it's genius on the part of the coaches. There really is nothing much else that will get these little cuties off of the trampoline or out of the foam pit.

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Kit said...

she looks like a natural