Thursday, January 21, 2010

Y'all Ready for This?

Aaannd...cue the catchy, collegiate-type intro music. Yeah. That's exactly how it happened at the first basketball game of Cade's that I got to attend last Saturday. Complete with a decorated tunnel-type thing for the players and coaches to run through while a guy introduced them over the p.a. one by one. I was cracking up. It was like a mini-NBA pre-game show. The only thing missing was the smoke machine and scantily clad dancers/cheerleaders for the crowd (read: males) to ogle at. This is a church league, after all. Oh and the big jumbo tron to post the players picture and stats. But who knows? Maybe that's on their wish list for next year. This was a big change from last year when there wasn't so much as a 'Let's get it on!' Just the opening prayer. Which still was part of the pre-game festivities, but I was still reeling from the whole NBA-esque intro to even realize it was time to bow my head. Oops.

'And Caaaaade Deeeeennnnnis, from Toooooooopeeeeeeeeeeka, KAAAAANSAAAAAAAS!'
He really didn't say that. But he could of. How could you know anyway?
It was more like, 'Cade Dennis!' Then, 'Riley Champney!' And so on...

And then, 'Ruuuuuuustyyyy Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis...'
No, really, just 'Coach Rusty Dennis.' I think.

Part of the starting line up, strutting their stuff at mid-court.
Cue the peppy, fight song-type music.

Sizing up the competition.

Game on!

Taking it up the court.

Coach Rusty, doing his 'thang.'
Or some crazy dance move. I don't know. It's a toss up.

Lydia brought her A game.

'Where's my Lydia?'
'Here I am!'

'AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Rat tail/mullet alert!!!'

And you thought I was kidding.

Good game, boys.

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