Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This just might be a first for me...

Sometime in the wee hours this morning, Cade woke me up complaining of a terrible ear ache. Lydia, too, has been running a fever, had a cough, runny nose and congestion. So we had a two-fer-one appointment with the doctor. Who knew they see siblings at the same time? Certainly not me. Like I said, this is a first for me. I don't ever recall having two sick kiddos at the same time before. So with Cade with a double ear infection and Lydia with possible strep throat (still waiting for lab results at the time of this posting), we were all kinda needing something to get our minds off being sick. Enter the cardboard box.

Why do we and family members spend hundreds of dollars
on new toys when trash is this much fun?

'So, uh, whatcha drawing, Cade?'

'I do it, too!'

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