Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coco Key

Last Thursday, we finally got to go to CoCo Key Water Resort in KCMO. The last time we were going to go, we had a couple of sick kiddos and had to stay home. :( But this time, everyone was well enough for the trip. Poor Lydia, though. We made the mistake of telling her in the morning that we were going swimming and she thought we were going immediately. Not a whole 6 hours later. Then to make matters even more, how should we say? Interesting? When we get there, we find the parking lot eerily quiet and empty. The problem? The park didn't open for another hour. I KNOW the website said the park was open from 3 to 9. I just KNOW it. Of course, it was way back in January when I made the original plans and if you go to the url now, OF COURSE it says 4 to 9. The guy at the check in desk in the hotel said it was 'spring break hours'.
Rusty asks if there was anything we could do until the park opened and the guy, obviously feeling sorry for the poor, ill-informed family, gave us a key to the indoor pool in the hotel. So after convincing Lydia that we were, in fact, going swimming, just in a different place first, we headed for the indoor pool. Or really, more like the dungeon of freezing cold water. Can you tell from the pictures that there isn't a window anywhere? I think this pool was 2 stories underground. Just a little bit creepy. And I heard that the water was unbearably cold. I wouldn't know. I wasn't crazy enough to get in. Plus who else was going to stay dry and carry all the dry stuff to the real swimming?

The crazies freezing in the pool.

Even though it was so cold, Lydia HAD to go in.

Trying to convince herself that if she ignores the temperature, it really wasn't that bad in here...

Apparently if you stayed in long enough, you got used to it.
I wouldn't know.

Now you see 'em.

Now you don't!

CoCo Key at last!

Loving being able to walk around in a pool area all by herself.

As you can see, CoCo Key is very much like Great Wolf Lodge. Only smaller. Much smaller. And less pretentious. Without the lodge-y feel. Think tropical, smaller, way more crowded Great Wolf Lodge.

They even had the big ol' bucket o' water.

I love the splash down photos of the water.

Waiting for a double inner tube.

Incidentally, this was the last time anyone was able to actually enjoy the lazy river. After about 5:00, the place was packed and the lazy river wasn't so relaxing anymore.

All in all, this was a lot of fun! For $5 a person, it was definitely worth it. I would go again and would recommend anybody else to. Just get there right when it opens so you can get a locker. I hear they sell out quick.
And, oh yeah, double check the hours of operation.

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