Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cade's Year in Review

Today is Cade's 9th birthday!!! Can't believe it's been a year since we were coping with, I mean, celebrating his 8th birthday. Here's a snippet of what it was like to be Cade this past year.

Goofing off at a friend's son's wedding reception in August.

Getting held up by a goat in Wichita last September.
(You gotta watch out for those goats in Wichita.)

Pumpkin guts in October.

And this. THIS is Cade rubbing the bronze Phog Allen in front of Allen Fieldhouse last November.

Like a kid at Christmas. Wait....

Snow day!
Looking through a chunk of ice that fell off our gutter in January.

Upwards basketball in February.

Easter in Salina.

Hamming it up with his den at Gage Park in April.

Dancing to 'YMCA' at the school's Spring Fling.

Even when school's out, this kid loves to read.

LOVING the slide at Kenwood Cove in Salina in July.

Happy Birthday Cade!! We love you so much! You're such a great kid and it's so awesome to be your parents.

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