Saturday, October 9, 2010

11 Years Down...

...and forever to go! Today Rusty and I celebrate 11 years of putting up with each other! No wait, that doesn't sound very romantic does it? But the truth is, who else could've or even would've put up with me for this long? He's a real champ, that Rusty of mine. I mean, the massive amounts of long black hair all over the place alone is enough to send most men running. Not my Rusty. He seems to have hunkered down and is ready for the long haul, despite my many gaffs and eye-rolling moments that might have him second guessing his vows.

Anyway, here's a look back at the story of us...or at least a snippet's worth. Some of my favorite pictures of us way back when.
Happy Anniversary, Rusty! Love you!

This is from our first date! Seriously, folks. How many people have a picture from THE VERY FIRST DATE???
(Just give me this one, people. If you have one, keep it to yourself!)

Not sure why I like this one do much. You can practically see up to my brains from my nostrils and I'm sure if you look close enough you can see my uvula.

Martha's Vineyard. Honeymoon.


What? I was hot!

The South Park years. Anybody recognize who we were?

Sure wish this was possible these days!

Our official engagement photo that was in the papers.

Boogie fever!

Still one of my favorites of all time.

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